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Science is the study of the behavior and nature of natural things and the knowledge obtained about them. The best discoveries in science are very simple. But to be  understood and retained, subject parameters must begin by experimentation at foundational levels.  Adventures in Science provides sequential lessons to build knowledge.

Materials, Pricing & Concepts 

Due to supply chain shortages, the poly box will be replaced with a cargo box on all teacher kits until further notice.

Included Concepts

Interpreting Graphs

  • Line graph

  • Pie graph  

  • Bar graph


Observe and Measure

  • Length and distance         

  • Meter

  • Decimeter 

  • Centimeter

  • Millimeter

  • Kilometer

  • Gram

  • Capacity and volume

  • Density

  • Water displacement         


Grouping and Classifying           

  • Five kingdoms of living things      

  • Animal kingdom   

  • Dichotomous keys


Experiment Process       

  • Do plants need sunlight? 


Chemical & Physical Changes

  • Fresh water

  • Chemical change

  • Temperature

  • Acids or bases



  • Electrical 

  • Light 

  • Sound 

  • Thermodynamics

  • Frictional force

  • Electricity

  • Magnets         

  • Simple circuits

  • Conductors & Insulators     

  • Batteries         



  • Pollution         

  • Ecosystems   


  • Let’s grow       

  • Flower power 

  • And then there were seeds

  • Water


Earth layers

  • Soil components


What is weather?

  • Rain or shine


The Moon      

  • Lunar eclipse

  • Solar eclipse

  • Constellations

  • Solar system



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