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Adventures In Science Kits

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Our STEM based science curriculum kits are ingeniously concocted to spark the curiosity of future mad scientists, eccentric inventors, and quirky conundrum-crackers.

Welcome to the whimsical world of Adventures in Science Kits, where curiosity meets education and fun is a part of the formula! Adventures in Science Kits are hands-on, inquiry-based programs in Earth, Physical, and Life Sciences. Because each student is as unique as a snowflake, we've created a program that caters to both the Einsteins and the Edisons of the world. It's like an all-you-can-eat buffet of knowledge, with extra kits, games, and 'going further' activities to compliment multilevel students. The quality lab supplies and extracurricular STEM products were carefully selected for their award-winning ability to instruct, engage, and ignite interest. Each Teacher's Kit provides materials for 1 to 20 students to explore measurements, acids and bases, electricity, habitats, kingdoms, natural resources, solar systems, motion, sound, plants, atoms, physical and chemical change, polymers, weather,  and seasons. It's a science buffet on steroids! 

Teacher Kits are your personal science guide, complete with a full-color answer manual to simplify the complex world of science into easy-to-follow explanations and step-by-step guidance. It's like having a cool scientist whispering the secrets of the universe into your ear! Concepts are presented in an easily followed narrative, designed to minimize class time and maximize comprehension. Each kit arrives bursting with all the supplies needed for each experiment, and they're as reusable as a trusty lab apron, also included, and as close as the box everything arrives in. Fast forward a few years, when the stash of 100 pH strips has been exhausted, don't fret! Pillar is here, like a faithful lab assistant, ready with a fresh supply of all things science. Because let's face it, running out of pH strips is more tragic than spilling your Petri dish of bacteria; those are in 5th level along with Nutrient Agar. So, keep calm and science on, we've got your back!

Our Student Kits are mini science fairs, arriving with a colorful spiral workbook filled with engaging experiments and individual supplies all snugged up in a backpack. They're designed to turn even the most science-shy student into a budding Einstein. Or Edison. All of the Adventures in Science Kits are like live, interactive science labs where students can safely ignite their curiosity, disperse their doubts, and stir up their learning as they dissolve, cut open, move, shake,  have pieces fly and more!

Adventures in Science Kits are the superhero cape for teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts, and yes, even you, Uncle Hippie, because this is the best part. You don't need to be an Einstein to teach it!  Whether you're a seasoned scientist or a curious newbie, it will be easy to inspire young scientists as Adventures in Science Kits are perfect for any learning environment or even as a fun supplement to traditional learning. Choose Adventures in Science Kits and turn science education back into a thrilling journey of discovery! 

Our motto is open and teach!

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