Each Teacher's Kit provides materials to guide students through a hands-on inquiry based program in the areas of Earth, Physical, and Life Sciences.   Students will explore measurements, acids and bases, electricity, habitats, kingdoms, natural resources, solar systems, motion, sound, plants, atoms, physical and chemical change, polymers, weather, seasons; the entire list is comprehensive and complete.  Engaging students in the scientific process greatly increases learning retention rates encouraging a lifetime of exploring and creating.  

Elementary science isn’t rocket science.  But without foundational understanding, no rocket would ever launch! 

Adventures in Science instruction does not require a science background.  Each Teacher's Edition simplifies the principle foundations of science using clear explanations and provides ample guidance to the setup and execution of each experiment.  Concepts are presented in a concise, easily followed narrative geared to minimize class time and maximize comprehension. Teachers and parents alike will find the all inclusive syllabus easy to both understand and teach.  Quality lab supplies are included and extracurricular products were carefully selected based on their award winning abilitiy to instruct, engage, and ignite interest in science.   Designed for one student or many, the Teacher's Guides includes instructions, background information and answer keys that are simple and concise.  Student Books are easy to read with beautiful and entertaining full color graphics.  


Adventures in Science is the program designed for you with success for each student in mind!

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