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Teacher's Base Kit Level 5  5TEA

The Teacher's Base Kit Level 5, is a complete science kit in a box!  With the Teacher's Base Kit Level 5, educators can provide engaging and interactive science lessons for students.

  • Level 5 is suitable for children ages 11-12.
  • This kit is designed to be used year after year, making it a cost-effective solution for any environment with enough materials to accommodate up to 20 students.


Each student will need their own student kit, as they contain important workbooks and materials for hands-on learning.


What Your Students Will Learn: 

  • Students will dive into the metric system with poems, graphs, and activities.
  • Capacity and volume along with water displacement will be studied.
  • Classification of animals will further boost knowledge while the experimental process will be further investigated using the scientific order to conduct experiments.
  • The study of elements and its varying forms of matter increase.
  • Acids and alkalis experiments are conducted.
  • The forms of energy such as potential, mechanical, kinetic, elastic, sound, and light, are studied. Positive and negative charges are identified.
  • Light is seen to refract, reflect, absorb, or transmit, with the sun’s light energy seen as both visible and invisible light.
  • Electromagnets, capacitors and transformers are introduced as well as simple circuits.  Batteries are understood to have positive and negative poles.
  •  Identify the abiotic and biotic elements that exist in all ecosystems and the threats to a healthy habitat.
  •  Identify the parts of a flower capable of reproducing.
  • Study the moon phases such as the lunar and solar eclipse.


What's Included:

  • Teacher’s Edition Textbook Level 5, Full Color 158 pages
  • Cargo Box
  • Agar, Nutrient 125ml
  • Beaker Glass 100ml
  • Beaker Glass 250ml
  • Beaker Poly 1000ml
  • Beaker Poly 100ml (2qty)
  • Beaker Poly 250ml
  • Beaker Poly 500ml
  • Beaker Poly 50ml (2qty)
  • Density Block Set- Acrylic, Pine, Nylon, Aluminum
  • Digital Scale
  • Energy Conversion Kit
  • Erlenmeyer Flask, Gls 250ml
  • Extension Support Ring
  • Filter Paper 24cm, (10ct)
  • Filter Paper 7cm, (100ct)
  • Friction Pads, Silk/Wool
  • Friction Rods, Glass/Rubber
  • Grad Cylinder, Poly 25ml
  • Lab Apron
  • Lab Spoon
  • Petri Dish (10ct)
  • Pipette Grad Poly (20ct)
  • Pith Balls (12pk)
  • Prof Noggins Outer Space Card Game
  • Ring Stand w/ 18” Rod
  • Rod Clamp
  • Safety Glasses
  • Seeds (Bean, Mustard, Parsley, Sunflower)
  • Stir Rod
  • Swabs, Cotton Sterile (8ct)
  • Test Tube Brush
  • Test Tube Rack (6pl)
  • Test Tube w/ Cap (6qty)
  • Thermometer, Part Immersion
  • Tuning Fork 100 Hz
  • Tuning Fork 4096 Hz
  • UV Beads (1oz)
  • Weather Watch Station
  • Weigh Dish (10ct)
  • Wire, Copper (1m)
  • Wood Splint (20ct)

Teacher's Base Kit Level 5 5TEA

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