Student Base Kit Level 5

Instruction Book, Full Color, 241 pages

Acrylic Paints 6/pk 2oz Glow in the Dark,

Bar Magnet

Battery Holder

Brush Set 6/pk

Bulb Socket    

Bulb, Miniature


Copper Strip, 2ct

Dissecting Set, 7 piece w/ Pouch

Knife Switch

Lab Apron

Leads w/ Alligator Clips 3ct

Led Light

Magnifying Loupe, 3 lens, 15x

Mortar and Pestle

Owl Pellet

Plant Pot 9ct

Prism Glasses

Prism, Glass

Safety Glasses

Soil Pill 9ct

Solar System Kit

Spring Scales 100gr

Test Tube (6) w/ Cap    

Test Tube Brush & Rack (6 pl)


Weigh Bucket  

Wire, Insulated Copper (1m)

Zinc Strip, 2ct

Student Base Kit Level 5