Science is the study of the behavior and nature of natural things and the knowledge obtained about them. The best discoveries in science are very simple. But to be  understood and retained, subject parameters must begin by experimentation at foundational levels.  Adventures in Science provides sequential lessons to build knowledge.  


Materials, Pricing & Concepts

Included Concepts


Observe and Measure         

  • Rulers      

  • Estimating          

  • Matching Weight

  • Thermometers   

  • Heavy, Heavier, Heaviest

  • Density    


Living and Nonliving           

  • Basic Needs of All Living Things        


Life Cycles of Humans, Animals and Plants        

  • Frog Life Cycle   


Where Do Animals or Plants Live?           

  • Ocean Habitat    

  • Forest Habitat    

  • Desert Habitat    

  • Wetland Habitat 

  • Animal Features 

  • Camouflage!       

  • Grouping Animals by Features

  • Grouping Animals by Food      

  • Food Chains       




  • Plant Features

  • Life Cycle of a Plant      

  • How Do Trees Grow?   

  • How Are Animals and Plants Connected?     

  • Plant Exchange  

  • Our Five Senses



  • What Can Change Rock and Soil?      

  • Rocks      

  • Soil          


Natural Resources   


What’s the Weather? 


What are Seasons? 

  • Spring     

  • Summer  

  • Fall           

  • Winter      


Sun, Water, and Clouds