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About Adventures in Science Kits!

"Welcome aboard the wacky world of Adventures in Science Kits! We're here to make science instruction easy as pie for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even actual teachers for our budding Einsteins of elementary age. Each Teacher Kit is a treasure trove of materials for 1 to 20 students, designed to catapult them into a universe of science experiments to supercharge their learning retention rates and spark a lifelong journey of exploration and creativity.  Our Teacher Kits enjoy year after year of service, while Student Kits are acquired on an individual basis contingent on the number required for the class's scientific explorations.

Children are the rocket fuel of our future. It's our mission to equip them with the tools to problem solve and think critically. While there are plenty of science programs for older students, our pint-sized Newtons in elementary school are often left in the dust when it comes to science and experimentation.  Adventures in Science Kits are here to change that! We're on a mission to inspire students in levels 1-5 to think critically, ignite curiosity, and fuel questioning. When children are thinking and solving problems, they'll start asking the big questions - the hows and the whys! So, let's tie on our lab aprons, adjust our safety goggles, also included, and dive headfirst into the exciting world of Adventures in Science Kits!

 Kelly McCord, Founder

Once upon a time, in the land of Oklahoma, I found myself staring at the Process Standards for fifth grade; the national benchmark standards of science all elementary students should master.  But it was like looking at a puzzle, each subject a piece waiting to be dissected and understood.  And America's kids sure aren't understanding either according to their 17% nationwide ranking in science academia.  But I knew kids are ready to learn anything if they can get their little fingers on it. And let's face it, science is the ultimate hands-on subject! So, I rolled up my sleeves and crafted an all-inclusive 5th grade curriculum, with a little help from my friends at Xerox, Shutter-stock, and a team of teachers. But alas, the world said, 'We want more! Give us levels 1 through 4!' So, I had a choice: toss out hundreds of hours of work or add thousands more. Being the stubborn scientist I am, I chose 'B'.

Fast forward 20 years, and voila! I've birthed an all-inclusive, level 1 through 5, science curriculum. Each Teacher Kit is like a mini science lab, ready to accommodate up to 20 students and reusable for years to come (just replenish the consumables as needed). And each student gets their own science backpack, complete with a full-color workbook and individual supplies. The 5 levels combined provide a veritable, and extensive, buffet of science goodies, from beakers to microscopes. The stock list is as comprehensive and complete as the periodic table, making this one of the easiest science programs you'll ever teach! So, come on, join me on this wild science adventure and let's move that 17% needle onward and upward!

 Pillar Scientific Supply, Inc

In the bustling hub of Oklahoma City, Pillar Scientific Supply, Inc., was incorporated by Kelly in 1998. Initially, the go-to lab supply for governments, businesses, and individuals, we evolved into a thriving, woman-owned, HUB zoned corporation.  But as the only general lab supply in town, soon every parent, armed with an old science book and a dream, found their way to our store. After purchasing their supplies, they'd always ask, "What else does my little Einstein need?" The answer? Everything! Science is the key to unlocking the mysteries of our world.


Teachers, often digging into their own pockets, also came in search of the most basic supplies, revealing the shocking shortage in Oklahoma's science labs. As a mom to two daughters, 2 grand-kids, and 53 foster babies, I was fueled by a passion for student success and frustrated by the deficit. This, coupled with less-than-stellar statewide scores, sparked a plan to create workbooks for every field of study that would also include the products to explore them.  And Pillar had access to incredibly top-notch supplies for every possible science subject.   Now our online focus is the introduction of the completely new, all-inclusive, elementary Adventures in Science Kits, for levels 1-5!



For our commercial accounts, Pillar Scientific boasts a line of over 300,000 products from major vendors (Fisher Scientific, VWR International, Sigma Aldrich, Cayman Chemical, Cerilliant, Lipomed, and a host of others). Most products can be shipped directly from the manufacturer, avoiding costly stock shortages for businesses, universities, schools, and government entities. We encourage direct contact by phone, 405.524.7500, for quotes, product information, or technical support.



Thank you for visiting Pillar Scientific Supply, Inc., where science and fun collide!

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