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About Adventures in Science

Adventures in Science kits make it easy for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents to teach elementary age students basic science principles. Each teacher's kit provides enough materials for 1 to 20 students and allows each educator to engage their students in science experiments that will increase learning retention rates and encourage a lifetime of exploration and creativity.

Children are the future. It is our responsibility to help them learn to problem solve and think critically. Although there are many science programs for older students, our elementary school-aged children are being left behind when it comes to science and experimentation. 
Adventures in Science exists to encourage students in grades 1-5 to think critically and encourage curiosity and questioning. When children are thinking and solving problems, they will start asking how and why! 
- Kelly McCord, Founder -

I printed the Oklahoma Process Standards for fifth grade, basically the same nationwide, taking apart each subject to determine what experiment, activity, or exercise was most favorable to the learning process.  Kids can do and learn almost anything if it’s hands on.  And, science is nothing but. I spent 3 years writing an all inclusive 5th grade curriculum with help from teachers, Xerox, and Shutterstock.  But no one wanted it without the other 4 grades.  The new plan turned into a choice; throw hundreds of hours away or add thousands.  I chose ‘B’.  I’m just like that.


17 years birthed an all-inclusive, grade 1 thru 5, science curriculum.  Teacher Kits can accommodate up to 20 students and may be used for years with consumables to be replenished as needed.  Each student has their own backpack containing a full color workbook and individual supplies.  The 5 grades are designed so together they provide a smorgasbord of supplies from beakers to microscopes.  The stock list is comprehensive and complete for one of the easiest science programs you will ever teach!

- Pillar Scientific Supply, Inc-

Originally a laboratory supply source for governments, businesses and individuals, Pillar Scientific soon emerged as a thriving woman-owned, HUB zoned corporation.  But as Oklahoma’s only general lab supply, every parent pulling an experiment from an old book made their way to my store.  After buying products, they always asked the same question. “What else does my child need?”  The answer is everything!  Science includes all we can know and discover about our world.   Teachers, using their own money, also came searching for the most basic of supplies exposing the shortage of equipment in Oklahoma science labs.  As a mom to two daughters and 53 foster babies, I have a passion for students’ success and became extremely frustrated by this deficit.  This knowledge, along with dismal scores statewide, prompted a plan to workbook every field of study to complement the P.A.S.S, the first science assessment test given in school.   I had access to amazing quality supplies for every possible science subject.  And the original plan was one grade.  Easy peasy.

Launched in 1998 as a government vendor, Pillar Scientific Supply, Inc., soon became a one-stop shop frequented by parents and educators seeking to locate basic science supplies and equipment.  However, our online focus is the introduction of a completely new, all-inclusive elementary syllabus, Adventures in Science, for grades 1-5! 

For commercial accounts, Pillar Scientific carries a line of more than 300,000 products from major vendors (Fisher Scientific, VWR International, Sigma Aldrich, and a host of others). Most products can be shipped directly from the manufacturer avoiding costly stock shortages for businesses, universities, schools, and government entities.  We encourage direct contact by phone, 405.524.7500, for quotes, product information, or technical support.

Thank you for visiting Pillar Scientific Supply, Inc.!

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