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Teacher Base Kit Level 1  1TEA

What Your Students Will Learn: 

  • Students will study animal features while introducing grouping by size, covering, movement, or basic needs.
  • Students will study the five senses; sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. 
  •  They will explore density while experimenting with weight and temperature.  
  • They will prove the existence and origins of oxygen and carbon dioxide. 
  •  Minerals will be introduced and earth’s natural resources identified.  
  • Cloud patterns will be identified and earth's water cycle presented.


What's Included:

  • Teacher's Edition Textbook, Level 1
  • 34qt Container w/ lid  Balance
  • Pan Beaker Glass 250ml (3qty)
  • Beaker Glass 500ml
  • Beaker Poly 250ml
  • Camouflaged Animals (Set 1)
  • Color Fizzers
  • Erlenmeyer flask 250ml
  • Funnel Powder Graduated Cylinder, Gls, 100ml
  • Grow a Frog Kit Instant Snow (80g)
  • Jar W/ Lid (1L Polystyrene)
  • Lab Apron
  • Lab Spoon
  • Mathlink Cubes (20/pk)
  • Pipettes Seeds, Bean Seeds, Morning Glory Seeds,
  • Radish Shrimp Eggs (6g vial)
  • Stir Rod Test Tube Rack Test Tubes (6qty)
  • UV Beads (1 oz.)
  • Wash Bottle 500ml

Teacher Base Kit Level 1 1TEA

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