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Weather (Level 3)

This ‘Adventures in Science’ Mini Kit will investigate:

  • Why the atmosphere is weather
  • The crazy clouds and how they speak
  • The clouds we walk through
  • How wind is created and why the Sun is involved
  • The mystery of condensation
  • Why evaporation leads to the thrill of rain
  • How tornados are generated
  • What a waterspout is and why they don’t exist in bathtubs
  • The meteorologist tools used by everyone to make them smarter
  • Why a barometer was used on pirate ships
  • How ‘anemometer’ is used in a sentence
  • Why a rain gauge keeps flowers happy
  • How the busy Wind Chill Chart upsets clothing styles


After completing the Kit, you will be able to conqueror the world of weather as a potential meteorologist!

Weather (Level 3)

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