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Adventures in Science Weather Mini Kit (Level 3)

Let your child explore and investigate weather phenomena with this hands-on kit! They'll learn about different weather patterns, how to measure and record weather data, and understand the science behind the weather. This mini kit includes everything your young student will need to conduct experiments and activities related to weather, such as a weather vane, an anemometer, and a rain gauge. With easy-to-follow instructions and fun activities, this kit is perfect for curious young scientists who want to dive into the world of meteorology. Watch as your child develops a deeper understanding and appreciation for the science of weather with this engaging and educational kit.


This Adventures in Science Weather Mini Kit will investigate:


  • Why the atmosphere is weather
  • The crazy clouds and how they speak
  • The clouds we walk through
  • How wind is created and why the Sun is involved
  • The mystery of condensation
  • Why evaporation leads to the thrill of rain
  • How tornados are generated
  • What a waterspout is and why they don’t exist in bathtubs
  • The meteorologist tools used by everyone to make them smarter
  • Why a barometer was used on pirate ships
  • How ‘anemometer’ is used in a sentence
  • Why a rain gauge keeps flowers happy
  • How the busy Wind Chill Chart upsets clothing styles


Included in the Adventures in Science Weather Mini Kit:


  • Orange Adventures in Science Backpack
  • Teacher Manual, Full Color 10 pages
  • Student Workbook, Full Color 27 pages
  • Color Fizzers, 100 count
  • Tornado Tube
  • Weather Tracker
  • Weather Station
  • Weatherglass Barometer

After completing the Kit, you will be able to conqueror the world of weather as a potential meteorologist!

Adventures in Science Weather Mini Kit (Level 3)

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