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Test Tube Racks

Our test tube racks are perfect for any laboratory setting. Made of sturdy and chemical-resistant polypropylene, these racks will not shatter or stain, ensuring long-lasting durability. They are available in four different sizes and shapes, making them versatile for all your test tube needs. Whether you need a rack for round-bottom, conical-bottom, or flat-bottom test tubes, we have the perfect option for you. These racks are ideal for organizing and storing test tubes in a safe and efficient manner, making them a must-have for any science laboratory. Sturdy and chemical-resistant polypropylene racks will not shatter or stain.


C026:12-Tube Rack, Unassembled.  Sturdy polypropylene rack will hold 12 test tubes up to 20mm in diameter. Easy to assemble, and chemical resistant.


C027: This polyethylene rack will hold six test tubes, and has six drying pins. Sides are fully open for clear viewing. Rack has two 30mm and four 20mm holes, and is pre-assembled.


C029: Round test tube rack will hold 24 tubes up to 20mm in diameter. Solid high-impact plastic construction. Rack is 145mm in diameter and 70mm high, and features a perforated bottom. Shipped pre-assembled.


C030: With its collapsible design, this colorful rack includes 6 extra large slots, each with a 1" diameter, ensuring a secure fit for your test tubes. NOTE: TUBES NOT INCLUDED.

Test Tube Racks

  • Product Numbers: C027, C029, C030, C026

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