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Teacher's Deluxe Kit Level 4

The Teacher's Deluxe Kit Level 4 is the perfect resource for science educators teaching at an advanced level. This comprehensive kit includes a student 40X microscope, allowing for in-depth examination of various specimens. With 72 microscope slides and a slide box to keep them organized, teachers can easily demonstrate and engage students in hands-on learning. The slide holder makes it easy to present slides to the class, while the inclined plane set allows for practical demonstrations of physics principles. Whether teaching biology, chemistry, or physics, this deluxe kit provides the tools necessary to enhance the classroom experience and foster a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.


Included in the Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 4:


  • Microscope, Student 40X
  • Microscope Slides 72/pk
  • Slide Box, 50/PL
  • Slide Holder
  • Inclined Plane Set: Inclined Plane, Pulley, Protractor, Hall’s Carriage, Hanging Pan for Weights, 2) Wood Boards of Different Sizes & Metal Plate

Teacher's Deluxe Kit Level 4

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