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Teacher's Base Kit Level 4  4TEA


What Your Students Will Learn: 

  • Students will be introduced to the tools of measurement; thermometers, stopwatch, balance, rulers, microscopes, and magnifiers.  Weight, mass, speed, and direction are explored
  • Atoms are introduced and molecules further examined.
  • Dichotomous keys are utilized.
  • Protists, fungi, and bacteria are introduced as well as the Archaebacteria kingdom.
  • The soil food web is introduced as well as the ecosystem players.
  • The fruits of plants, berries, pomes or drupes, are identified and studied.
  • Motion and gravity is analyzed by the balance of the pendulum, swing, or bob. Vibration of movement is understood to cause sound while factors of motion including speed, velocity, force, and resistance are reviewed.  Kinetic and potential energy is identified and their differences qualified.
  • Centripetal force is researched.
  • Electricity is explored with conductors and insulators.
  • Acids and bases are identified as it relates to the human body and its functions.  
  • Fossils are introduced and the effects of natural disasters studied.


What's Included:

  • Teacher’s Edition Textbook, Level 4
  • 54qt Container w/ lid
  • Color Fizzers
  • Energy Ball
  • Equal Arm Balance w/ Weights
  • Fossil Sorting Kit 10 piece
  • Professor Noggin's Wonders of Science Card Game
  • Simple Machines Set Stopwatch
  • Weather Watch Station
  • Beaker Glass 100ml (2qty)
  • Beaker Glass 500ml
  • Beaker Poly 100ml
  • Beaker Poly 1L
  • Beaker Poly 250ml
  • Beaker Poly 500ml (2qty)
  • Beaker Poly 50ml
  • Graduated Cylinder Poly 100ml
  • Graduated Cylinder Poly 10ml Jar w/ Lid
  • Poly 1L Lab Apron
  • pH Strip 100/pk
  • Pipettes 3ml, (20ct)
  • Stir Rod Test Tube Rack 6pl Test Tube w/ Cap (6qty)
  • Tuning Fork, 100hz
  • Wire, Insulated Copper, 1m

Teacher's Base Kit Level 4 4TEA

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