Teacher's Base Kit Level 4

Instruction Book, Full Color, 155 pages

Bella 54qt clear storage container with lid

Color Fizzers

Energy Ball

Equal Arm Balance w/ Weights

Fossil Sorting Kit (10 piece)

Hot Dot Pen, (2)

Hot Dots® Science Set/Animals-Plants-Ecosystems

Hot Dots® Science Set/Force-Motion-Simple Machine

Professor Noggin's Wonders Of Science Card Game

Simple Machines Activity Cards Set

Simple Machines Set


Weather Watch Station

Beaker Glass 100ml (2qty)

Beaker Glass 500ml

Beaker Poly 100ml

Beaker Poly 1L

Beaker Poly 250ml

Beaker Poly 500ml (2qty)

Beaker Poly 50ml

Graduated Cylinder Poly 100ml

Graduated Cylinder Poly 10ml

Jar w/ Lid Wide Mouth Poly 1L

Lab Apron

pH Strip 100/pk

Pipettes, 3ml 20ct

Tuning Fork 100hz

Wire, Insulated Copper 1m

Teacher's Base Kit Level 4