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Teacher Base Kit Level 2

Introducing the Teacher Base Kit Level 2,  providing everything needed to make science class engaging and fun for young learners.


  • Designed specifically for children ages 6-8 who are eager to dive into the world of science.
  • This comprehensive kit is ideal for educators and homeschool parents, as it can be used year after year and can accommodate up to 20 students.


Please note that each student must have their own student kit, as it contains their workbook and is essential for the hands-on learning experience.


What Your Students Will Learn: 


  • Students will pursue the movement of molecules, explore objects properties and play with polymers.
  • They will study the damaging effects of acid rain and pollution.
  • Plant parts and their purposes are explored and identified.
  • The planets with their moons are understood to both revolve and rotate around the sun.
  • The equator, the North and South Poles, and earth’s axis are identified while the constellations are introduced.
  •  Earth’s water cycles are discovered by identifying tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms.
  • Colors and their properties are introduced.


What's Included:


  • Teacher’s Edition Textbook, Level 2 Full Color 94 pages
  • Cargo Box
  • Animal Camouflage (Set 2)
  • Beaker Glass 500ml (3qty)
  • Beaker Poly 100ml
  • Beaker Poly 1L
  • Beaker Poly 250ml (2qty)
  • Beaker Poly 500ml
  • Beaker Poly 50ml
  • Citric Acid Powder (1oz)
  • Erlenmeyer Flask Gls, 250ml
  • Filter Paper, 7cms, 100/pk
  • Gel Water Beads (1oz)
  • Grad Cylinder Glass, 25ml
  • Gravity Goo Kit
  • Insta Worm Kit
  • Iron Filings (2oz)
  • Jar W/ Lid 1L, Poly
  • Lab Apron
  • Lettuce Seed, 3 Varieties
  • MathLink cubes (20ct)
  • Bucket Balance and Weights, 54/set
  • Pipette Glass, 1ml
  • Pipettes Poly 3ml, (20pk)
  • Stir Rod Sun Paper, 4”x4” (12qty)
  • Super Magnetic Lab Kit
  • Test Tube Brush
  • Test Tubes w/ Cap (6qty)
  • Test Tube Rack, 6 pl
  • Thermometer, Metal back
  • Thermometer, Partial Immersion (2qty)
  • Tornado Tube
  • Wash Bottle, 250ml

Teacher Base Kit Level 2

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