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Student Kit Level 3

Get ready for an exciting hands-on learning experience with the Student Kit Level 3 for students 8-10 years old! This comprehensive kit is designed to guide students through various scientific experiments and exercises.  With the included tools and resources, students will be able to conduct experiments and observations to enhance their understanding of scientific concepts and principles. Whether for in-class use or at-home learning, the Student Kit Level 3 is perfect for young scientists and learners of all levels. 


Student Level 3 Kits arrive in an orange Adventures in Science backpack and includes:


  • Workbook, Full Color 349 pages
  • Bar Magnet
  • Lab Apron
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Plant pots and soil pills (3 qty each)
  • Safety Glasses
  • Stir Rod
  • Soda Test Tubes with caps (6 qty)
  • Test Tube Rack with 6 place capacity

Student Kit Level 3

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