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Student Kit Level 2

Introducing the Student Kit Level 2, ages 6-8, the perfect companion for young scientists diving into the world of science. With this kit, students will have a well-rounded and immersive science experience that will inspire curiosity and critical thinking. Whether used at home or in the classroom, the Student Kit Level 2 is the ideal choice for budding scientists at any skill level for engaging and educational content to guide students through various experiments and activities.  Personal supplies will ensure students have everything they need to conduct hands-on experiments. 


Each Student Kit arrives in a yellow Adventures in Science backpack and includes:


  •  Workbook, full color 224 pages
  • Bar magnet
  • Lab Apron
  • Magnifying glass (3x)
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Spot Tray

Student Kit Level 2

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