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Staining Jar, Coplin L056

The Coplin Staining Jar  is a durable and reliable tool for staining slides in the laboratory. Made of unbreakable polypropylene, this jar can hold up to 10 standard 3" x 1" slides back to back. The interior is grooved to securely hold the slides in an upright position during the staining process. The domed and shallow thread screw cap ensures a tight seal to prevent leaks and evaporation. Additionally, this staining jar is autoclavable, making it easy to sterilize and reuse for multiple experiments. Upgrade your lab equipment with the Coplin Staining Jar for efficient and consistent slide staining results.

2-15/16" dia base, 4-1/2" high.

Staining Jar, Coplin L056

  • Product Number: L056
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