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Rocks (Level 3)

This ‘Adventures in Science’ Mini Kit will investigate:

  • How Earth is like an apple but its crust is not a pie jacket
  • The secrets of Earth’s mantle, outer core, and inner core
  • What part of Earth burns hotter than the Sun
  • Why minerals are Earth’s perfect vitamins
  • How lava makes islands without asking
  • How fossils are made and why it matters
  • How heat and pressure make rocks and diamonds
  • How minerals keep a body healthy
  • What are the hardest, and softest, minerals
  • How to experiment with the Mohs Hardness Kit
  • How landforms are created on Earth’s surface
  • How to recreate, and test, Earth’s landforms
  • Why volcanoes form
  • How an earthquake can shake your booty
  • How erosion causes flooding
  • How crystals hold the soils’ water


After completing the Kit, you will master the structures of Earth!

Rocks (Level 3)

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