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Adventures in Science Rocks Mini Kit (Level 3)

Introduce your budding geologist to the fascinating world of rocks with the Adventures in Science Rocks Mini Kit, Level 3, suitable for ages 8-10. This kit provides everything your child needs to explore and learn about different types of rocks, including igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. The kit includes real rock specimens, a magnifying glass, and a booklet filled with educational information and fun activities. With this hands-on kit, your child will have a blast while expanding their knowledge of geology and the natural world. Get ready for your child to embark on an exciting rock discovery journey with the Adventures in Science Rocks Mini Kit!


This Adventures in Science Rocks Mini Kit will investigate:


  • How Earth is like an apple but its crust is not a pie jacket
  • The secrets of Earth’s mantle, outer core, and inner core
  • What part of Earth burns hotter than the Sun
  • Why minerals are Earth’s perfect vitamins
  • How lava makes islands without asking
  • How fossils are made and why it matters
  • How heat and pressure make rocks and diamonds
  • How minerals keep a body healthy
  • What are the hardest, and softest, minerals
  • How to experiment with the Mohs Hardness Kit
  • How landforms are created on Earth’s surface
  • How to recreate, and test, Earth’s landforms
  • Why volcanoes form
  • How an earthquake can shake your booty
  • How erosion causes flooding
  • How crystals hold the soils’ water


Included in the Adventures in Science Rock Mini Kit:


  • Orange Adventures in Science Backpack
  • Teacher Manual, Full Color 16 pages
  • Student Workbook, Full Color 38 pages
  • Gel Water Beads 1oz
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Mohs Hardness Kit, 15 Rock Specimen
  • Professor Noggin's Earth Science Card Game
  • Wash Bottle, 500ml


After completing the Kit, your student will master the structures of Earth!

Adventures in Science Rocks Mini Kit (Level 3)

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