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Plants (Level 4)

This ‘Adventures in Science’ Mini Kit will investigate:

  • What is a plant and it’s critical needs
  • Why living things need oxygen and plants need carbon dioxide
  • What plant section begins as an embryo
  • What type of plant has a taproot
  • Why fibrous roots need room to sprawl
  • How water moves all the way through a plant
  • How celery can be green, red, and blue
  • Why moss and liverwort aren’t good food choices
  • Why an elm tree staggers its leaves
  • What leave shape mirrors another leaf
  • What is the difference in a petiole, stem, and blade
  • How plants make their own food and why humans cannot
  • How chloroplasts obtain food, chlorophyll is the Greek wordfor green, and how to turn a green leaf black
  • How plants create baby plants with pistil, pollen, and sepals


After completion, you will dominate the world of plants!

Plants (Level 4)

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