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Adventures in Science Plants Mini Kit (Level 4)

Introduce your child to the fascinating world of plants with the Adventures in Science Plants Mini Kit, Level 4, suitable for ages 10-11. This hands-on kit includes everything a young scientist needs to explore the principles of plant biology and learn about the life cycle of plants. With exciting experiments and activities, students will have the opportunity to observe plant growth, examine plant cells, and gain a deeper understanding of how plants function in their environment. The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions and all necessary materials, making it the perfect introduction to the wonders of the plant kingdom. This kit will inspire curiosity and a love of science in young minds, as they embark on their own plant biology adventure.


This Adventures in Science Plants Mini Kit will investigate:


  • What is a plant and it’s critical needs
  • Why living things need oxygen and plants need carbon dioxide
  • What plant section begins as an embryo
  • What type of plant has a taproot
  • Why fibrous roots need room to sprawl
  • How water moves all the way through a plant
  • How celery can be green, red, and blue
  • Why moss and liverwort aren’t good food choices
  • Why an elm tree staggers its leaves
  • What leave shape mirrors another leaf
  • What is the difference in a petiole, stem, and blade
  • How plants make their own food and why humans cannot
  • How chloroplasts obtain food, chlorophyll is the Greek wordfor green, and how to turn a green leaf black
  • How plants create baby plants with pistil, pollen, and sepals


Included in the Adventures in Science Plants Mini Kit:


  • Green Adventures in Science Backpack
  • Teacher Manual, Full Color 16 pages
  • Student Workbook, Full Color 31 pages
  • Color Fizzers, 100 count
  • Prism Microscope, 40x, dimensions are 10.5”H x 4”W x 5.5”D
  • Microscope Slides, 72 count
  • Slide Box, 50 place
  • Slide Holder


After completion, you will dominate the world of plants!

Adventures in Science Plants Mini Kit (Level 4)

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