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Life Cycles (Level 1)

A specifically designed expedition created especially for  the scientific explorer!  


This ‘Adventures in Science’ Mini Kit will investigate: 

  • What is a living organism 
  • How nonliving things are recognized 
  • How to identify living from nonliving things 
  • Discover how the living move from place to place
  • What necessary needs are required by all living things
  • How to identify between the differing requirements of life ⮚ The life cycles of humans, plants, and animals 
  • Replicate the life cycle of a chicken 
  • Reproduce the life cycle of a frog 
  • Grow shrimp from eggs 
  • Examine the life cycle of a plant and trees 


After completing the Kit, you will understand the cycles of life! 

Life Cycles (Level 1)

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