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Energy (Level 5)

This ‘Adventures in Science’ Mini Kit will investigate:

  • What is thermal energy and how it makes coco
  • What is the difference in conduction and radiation
  • The types and forms of energy
  • How energy changes form and the first law of thermodynamics
  • How energy is measured in watts and horsepower
  • How electricity creates electrons
  • Why like charges repel and unlike charges attract
  • How static electricity makes hair crazy
  • How friction rods create electrical charges
  • How pith balls demonstrate charges
  • What refraction, reflection, absorb, and transmit mean
  • How a prism captures visible and invisible light
  • How to operate UV beads
  • How frequency, amplitude, and wavelength are sound words
  • How to diagram sounds
  • What are the principles of thermodynamics


After completing the Kit, you will master the force of energy!

Energy (Level 5)

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