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Earth, Moon, and Stars (Level 2)

This ‘Adventures in Science’ Mini Kit will investigate:

  • Exploring a solar system kit with manipulatives
  • The inflated star gases, hydrogen and helium
  • Exploring the phenomena of Earth’s days and nights
  • The difference in rotation and revolution
  • How shadows are created
  • Earth’s axis and Earth’s weird tilt
  • The North Star and Constellations
  • Earth’s equator with North and South Poles
  • The seasons and changing temperatures of Earth
  • Solar cooking with cheesy nachos
  • Experimenting with light and dark
  • The crazy Moon’s path around Earth
  • Introduction to planets
  • Experimenting with gases to demonstrate the outer planets


After completing the Kit, you will soar into the world of space!

Earth, Moon, and Stars (Level 2)

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