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Dissecting Set, 15 piece w/case E031

This dissecting set is a comprehensive tool kit perfect for science labs and educational purposes.  Each instrument is made with durable materials to withstand repeated use and ensure precision during dissections. The scalpel handle features a lock-on devise for secure usage, while the scissors come in both straight and sharp/blunt options for various cutting needs. The forceps are designed with fine and curved points to handle delicate tissues and cartilage effectively. The 15 piece set is a valuable addition to any science lab or classroom, providing all the necessary tools for accurate and detail-oriented dissections. The included leatherette case ensures that each instrument is protected and organized, making it convenient for transportation and storage. This set is suitable for students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike, offering high-quality tools for scientific exploration and research. Set includes:

  • (1)Scalpel
  • (1)Scalpel Handle w/lock-on devise
  • (1)Scalpel Blade
  • (1)Scissors, straight 4 1/2"
  • (1)Scissors, sharp/blunt 5 1/2"
  • (1)Forceps, curved fine point 4 1/2"
  • (1)Forceps, cartilage 5"
  • (1)Probe & Seeker
  • (2)Teasing needles
  • (1)Huber Probe
  • (1)Full Spear Point
  • Dissecting Needle (1)
  • Ruler 6" Poly (1)
  • Pipette (1)
  • Director (1)
  • Leatherette case

Dissecting Set, 15 piece w/case E031

  • Product Number: E031
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