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Butterfly Garden With Voucher

Beginning the butterfly adventure is easy with Insect Lore's Original Butterfly Garden. This award-winning butterfly kit lets you experience the magic and wonder of nature in your own home or classroom. This version of the best-loved kit comes with a voucher which you can redeem at when you are ready to begin your exciting project. The voucher is redeemable for 1 cup of 5 caterpillars. Once your redeem your voucher, your caterpillars will arrive at your door within 2 to 4 days. Butterfly Garden With Voucher Includes: Pop-up, reusable 11.5" tall mesh habitat, feeding pipette, caterpillars to Butterflies Instruction Guide, Voucher for a cup of 5 caterpillars and all the nutritious food they need to develop into adult butterflies (please note that an additional $7.95 fee is required for shipping and handling of your newborn caterpillars). 3 of the 5 caterpillars are guaranteed to develop into adult butterflies.Your little caterpillars will arrive in their cozy caterpillar cup with all of the tasty food they need to become beautiful butterflies. Watch as your bug buddies explore, eat, spin silk and grow up to 10 times their original size!The caterpillars will begin an awe-inspiring transformation when they become glittering, jewel-like chrysalides. Transfer your chrysalides into the butterfly habitat, a cylindrical mesh container, perfect for up close butterfly viewing! The super clear mesh allows for unrestricted viewing, enabling students to capture every amazing detail of butterfly emergence.

After you have enjoyed your butterflies for a few days, it's time to let them spread their wings! Your innovative butterfly habitat allows for safe and simplified use; just unzip the top to set your butterflies free! Your Painted Lady butterflies will soar into the skies, creating a special moment your family (or students) will never forget.

Butterfly Garden With Voucher

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