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Beakers, Polypropolene

Introducing our Polypropylene Beakers, the ideal choice for any science laboratory. These beakers are autoclavable, ensuring they can be easily sterilized for repeated use. Featuring raised graduations on the outer surface, these beakers provide clear and accurate measurements for precise experimentation. The tapered spout allows for easy pouring, minimizing spills and waste. With sizes ranging from 50ml to 2L, these beakers are suitable for a variety of scientific applications. Made with excellent optical clarity and very good chemical resistance, these beakers are a reliable and durable choice for any science setting.

A061 - 50ml

A060 - 100ml

A064 - 250ml

A066 - 500ml

A055 - 1L

A057 - 2L


Beakers, Polypropolene

  • Product Numbers: A055, A057, A061, A060, A065, A066
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