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Balance, Equal Arm Capacity 250g H025

A durable, economical, sensitive balance. Solid wood platform, fulcrum support, and balance arm. Includes sturdy platform weight hangers, weight set (four 1.0 g, one 0.5 g, four 0.1 g), metal rider for zero adjustment, zero pointer, and two disposable aluminum foil pans. Ideal for demonstrating the principle of the equal arm balance and for teaching weighing techniques. Can be used to compare masses, or when used in conjunction with a weight, to weigh objects. With companion weight set, not included with pan balance, the balance is capable of measuring in 5-, 10-, and 15-g increments. Capable of detecting mass differences of 1/10 of a gram. Operating capacity: 250 g.

Balance, Equal Arm Capacity 250g H025

  • Product Number: H025

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