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Wave Spring - Super Size 3AWS

This super size version of the ever-popular spring offers a hands-on way to explore the principles of wave motion. The wave spring allows students to visually and tactilely understand how waves move through different mediums. With its large size, it is easy to capture the attention of the entire class, making it perfect for group demonstrations as it easily models transverse and longitudinal or compression waves and teaches the relationship between wavelength and frequency. This spring toy is a valuable learning tool for educators looking to engage students in physics concepts and encourage curiosity about the natural world. Whether used for wave theory demonstrations or as a prop for interactive lessons, the wave spring is sure to be a hit in any science classroom and is a perfect way to demonstrate wave theory in a way your students will never forget. Measures 75 mm in diameter, 150 mm in length, and stretches up to 10 meters.

Wave Spring - Super Size 3AWS

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