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Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 1

The Teacher Deluxe Kit, Level 1, is the perfect tool for educators looking to take their students to the next level. This kit includes additional products that will not only enhance the learning experience, but also make teaching science more engaging and interactive for students. With the added materials in this Deluxe Kit, teachers can create a more dynamic and hands-on learning environment for their students. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide educators with everything they need to bring science to life in the classroom. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refresh your teaching materials, the Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 1 is the perfect choice for science educators.


Included in the Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 1:


  • Come to Your Senses Card Game
  • Frog Life Cycle (Giant, Magnetic)
  • Plant Life Cycles (Giant, Magnetic)
  • Thermometer (Outdoor) 5.5" Diameter
  • Tickle Me Plant

Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 1

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