Teacher Base Kit Level 3

Instruction Book, Full Color, 146 pages

Animals Of All Kinds Flash Cards

Barometer, Weatherglass

Color Fizzers

Gel Water Beads 1oz

Hefty Hi-Rise 34qt clear storage container with lid

Hot Dots® Science Set, Astronomy 

Hot Dots® Science Set, Earth & Weather

Hot Dot Pens, (2)

Mohs Hardness Kit, 15 Rocks w/ Supplies 

Pocket Sound Blaster

Tornado Tube

Wave Modeling Spring 3m

Weather Watch Station

Beaker Glass 250ml (3 qty)

Beaker Poly 1 L

Ceramic Screen

Erlenmeyer Flask Glass 250ml

Iron Filings, 2oz

Jar, w/ Lid Wide Mouth Poly 1L

Lab Apron

Pipettes, 3ml Grad 20ct

Seed, Lima Bean

Seeds, Mustard

Seeds, Parsley

Seeds, Sunflower

Seeds, Tomato

Test Tube Glass 25x150mm

Thermometer, Metal Back

Thermometer, Partial Immersion (3qty)

Wash Bottle 125ml


Teacher Base Kit Level 3