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Prism, Acrylic 75mm X 25mm H091

Introducing our high-quality clear acrylic prism, perfect for any science enthusiast or educator. This equilateral prism is meticulously crafted from durable acrylic sheet, ensuring its longevity and resilience in various scientific experiments or demonstrations. With its highly polished surfaces, this prism guarantees optimal light refraction and dispersion, making it an essential tool for studying the properties of light and color. Measuring 75mm in length and 25mm in face, this prism is the perfect size for easy handling and observation. Whether you're teaching a physics lesson or conducting a research project, this acrylic prism is a valuable addition to any science lab or classroom. Equilateral prisms, made from high quality clear acrylic sheet. Highly polished surfaces. 75mm length, 25mm face.

Prism, Acrylic 75mm X 25mm H091

  • Product Number: H091
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