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pH Strips, 0-14 range 100/pk 665M

Introducing our pH Strips with a range of 0-14, perfect for a wide variety of scientific applications. With 100 strips per pack, you can conduct numerous tests with ease and convenience. These pH strips provide accurate results even in weakly buffered, turbid, and colored samples, making them ideal for use in a laboratory setting. Whether you're testing the pH of soil, water, or biological samples, our pH strips will deliver reliable and consistent results every time. With a full range of 0 to 14, you can confidently measure the acidity or alkalinity of your samples with precision and accuracy. Range: Full, 0 to 14; Accurate results are achieved even in weakly buffered, turbid and colored samples.  Need a tighter range?  Call us!  We have them.

pH Strips, 0-14 range 100/pk 665M

  • Product Number; 665M
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