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Nutrient Agar w/ (7) Petri Dishes

Enhance your science experiments with our nutrient agar kit which includes (7) petri dishes.  Bacteria need nutrients for growing and reproducing but for creating a solid surface for bacteria to grow in colonies, microbiologists use agar with a nutrient broth, containing beef extract and peptone. This is called nutrient agar media. Nutrient agar is a common safe medium for growing bacteria and is perfect for conducting experiments in the classroom or at home. This kit comes with (7) polystyrene 100x15mm petri dishes, providing enough agar for each dish. Not only is this product easy to use, but it also allows for safe and easy disposal. Directions are included, making it simple for students and educators to get started and conduct their experiments. Whether for educational purposes or scientific research, our nutrient agar kit is the perfect addition to any laboratory.




Nutrient Agar w/ (7) Petri Dishes

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