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Motion (Level 4)

This ‘Adventures in Science’ Mini Kit will investigate:

  • How the center of gravity affects a curved path
  • How roller coasters are designed
  • What is mass and how it affects motion
  • Why you can’t touch your toes and jump
  • How to balance a ruler on your finger
  • How to make a drink can spin
  • How carpenters use plumb lines
  • How the pendulum swings to Sir Newton’s law of motion
  • How inertia keeps you active
  • Experimenting with Galileo’s theories by dropping balls
  • How buckets swing without spilling the water
  • How to simulate water pressure
  • How a frog speaks
  • How tuning forks prove the existence of air
  • How to trick your friends using motion
  • The differences in kinetic energy and potential energy
  • How to balloon race
  • How speed, distance, and time affects balloon races
  • Why force moves mountains, friction stops movement, andresistance moves nothing
  • Why mass consumes energy
  • The excitement of physical properties
  • How to build roads in the mountains using inclined planes
  • How to calculate degrees using weight, force, and motion
  • How to create using the Simple Machines Set


After completing the Kit, as a talented road constructor you will captain the world of motion!

Motion (Level 4)

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