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Mortar & Pestle, Porcelain A024-80ml  A022-125ml

Introducing our Porcelain Mortar & Pestle, the perfect tool for grinding and mixing solid substances in the science laboratory. The mortar features a pouring spout for easy transfer of contents, and is glazed only on the outside. The porcelain pestle is also glazed on the grinding surface, ensuring smooth and efficient grinding. The mortar and pestle is available in two sizes:

  • A022 is 125ml capacity
  • A024 is 80ml capacity

The durable and high-quality porcelain construction makes these mortar & pestle sets a versatile and essential tool for any scientific research or experimentation.

Mortar & Pestle, Porcelain A024-80ml A022-125ml

  • Product Number: A024, A022
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