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Super Magnet Lab Kit 2AMK

The Super Magnet Lab Kit is a must-have for any classroom or science lab. This set supports STEM education by encouraging the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills through hands-on experimentation. With this kit, students will have the opportunity to learn new concepts and broaden their content vocabulary through numerous engaging experiments. The oversized pieces increase the likelihood of successful experimentation, while the small magnetic components help to improve fine motor skills. Get magnetized and let everyone have the chance for hands-on exploration with this exciting and complete 124 piece educational magnet kit. This kit contains everything you need to attract kids to experimentation and creativity with magnets.

This Kit includes:
• 100 magnetic chips
• 10 magnetic marbles
• 7 magnetic wands
• 2 metal bar magnets
• 2 metal ring magnets
• 2 mini horseshoe magnets
• 1 large plastic horseshoe magnet
• Activity guide
• Storage box
Large horseshoe magnet measures 4.75”L x 4.5”W. Wands measure 7.75”L

Super Magnet Lab Kit 2AMK

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