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Teaching Elementary Science Should Be Straightforward & Captivating!


What Are All-Inclusive

Adventures In Science Kits

Hey there, science enthusiasts! Are you on the brink of a meltdown searching for an elementary science curriculum that doesn't require a PhD to understand and suitable for any learning environment? Want one that covers all the science-y stuff and also Creation-based? Well, put down that stress ball and rejoice! Whether you’re a teacher or a parent who couldn’t tell an atom from an Adam, fear not! Open and teach is our motto!

STEM based Adventures in Science Kits, levels 1 thru 5, are like a science fair that's been pumping iron and downing protein shakes - they're on a whole new level of awesome!  With experiments that'll blow your socks off and demonstrations that'll have you questioning reality, our Teacher Kits are like the Swiss Army knives of education - ready to instruct anywhere from 1 to 20 students year after year. And the supplies? They're as close as the box everything arrives in. These Teacher Kits go hand in hand with individual Student Kits like peanut butter and jelly. It's a match made in science heaven! Because let's face it, every 5th grader needs their own workbook and an owl pellet to dissect - it's practically a rite of passage. And our level one kiddos? They must have a 'What is Weather?' Coloring Book and a Habitat Scavenger Hunt Card like a fish needs water. Trust us, they just do.

And for those prodigies who already have a niche, check out our Mini-Kits! They're like a landing strip for specific interests that will challenge and motivate students to go one step further. So, what are you waiting for? Let's make science fun again!

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Start Your Adventure

Hey kiddos and kiddo-adjacent adults! You know how the best things in life are simple? Like gravity - it's just stuff falling, but boy, does it keep things interesting! Well, the best discoveries in science are just as simple. But to really get those brain gears grinding, our little Einsteins need to start experimenting at the ground level. That's where Adventures in Science Kits steps in! We provide lessons that build up like a tower of knowledge, one brick at a time. So, let's start this adventure, one experiment at a time!

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Navigate By Subject Area

Shop By Educational Level


Start your scientific journey with products designed for the earliest learners. These items introduce fundamental concepts through safe, easy-to-use tools, making science accessible to all.

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Build on your knowledge with our Intermediate-level kits and supplies. These products delve into more complex scientific concepts and are perfect for those with some background in science.

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Challenge yourself with our Advanced selection. Aimed at older students or those with a solid scientific foundation, these products offer deep dives into specific topics, featuring sophisticated tools and equipment.

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Choose By Type of Product


Our complete sets provide everything you need for

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Lab Supplies

Shop individual items for your scientific endeavors

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Educational Toys

Learn science through play with our educational toys

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Enhance your scientific educational understanding 

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Select By Purpose or Use


Discover kits and supplies crafted for the classroom. Our teacher-focused products support lessons for groups of students, making science education engaging and comprehensive.


Find personal kits and tools for students. Whether for homework, projects, or science fairs, our products encourage individual exploration and learning.


Choose from products and kits ideally suited for the homeschool setting. These options often come with extensive educational resources to facilitate a well-rounded scientific education at home.

Students Reviews

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Alisha Zwirtz

Last year our family added the Adventures in Science Kit curriculum to our home-school routine, and it has been a great success for our family. This curriculum is packed with hands-on experiments my kids love, creating a unique learning experience for my grade school children.

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