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Teaching Elementary Science Should Be Simple & Engaging


What Is Pillar Scientific?

Pillar Scientific creates science teaching kits that includes supplies for up to 20 students to make it easy for elementary teachers or parents with no science background to teach their students basic science principles. 

Start Your Adventure

The best discoveries in science are very simple. But to understand and retain new information, children must begin experimenting at foundational levels.  Adventures in Science provides sequential lessons to build knowledge.  

Explore the 1st Grade Kit
Level 2 Teachers Kit.jpg

Get your 1st graders' wheels turning with engaging experiments that will teach your students about the sun, water, clouds, and plants and their habitats.

Explore the 2nd Grade Kit
Level 2 Teachers Kit.jpg

Teach your 2nd grade class about big concepts like space and weather through kid-friendly materials like Gravity Goo and Tornado Tubes.

Adventures in Science helped me immensely! I was searching for an easy to understand science curriculum for my class and my kit came with everything I needed. I am able to use it each year for new classes, too. 

As a teacher, these kits have made my life so much easier. I used to struggle with teaching science, but all of my students love the experiments and genuinely learn from them and understand the concepts being taught. 


As a working homeschool mom, these kits make teaching science curriculum much easier. Everything we needed to measure or prep and all the materials for experiments came in the kit already with an instruction manual. There’s really nothing more convenient. 

Mallory Fischer, 1st Grade Teacher

Heidi Green, 4th Grade Teacher

Naomi Falleri, Homeschooling Mom

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