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Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 3

Elevate your science lesson plans with the Teacher Deluxe Kit, Level 3. This comprehensive kit is packed with essential tools to engage students and enhance their learning experience. From observing the life cycle of a butterfly with the butterfly kit, to conducting experiments with the hot plate and creating a mini ecosystem with the terrarium, this kit covers a wide range of scientific topics. The weather tracker included in the kit allows students to monitor and record weather patterns, adding a real-world element to their studies. Take your classroom to the next level with the Teacher Deluxe Kit, Level 3, and watch your students' passion for science grow.


Included in the Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 3:


  • Butterfly Kit
  • Electric Single Burner Hot Plate
  • Terrarium 7.5W x 11.25L x 9.25”H
  • Weather Tracker

Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 3

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