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Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 2

The Teacher Deluxe Kit, Level 2, is designed to enhance the science classroom experience with its focus on inquiry-based learning and critical thinking. This kit includes a 12” diameter Globe Earth with blue oceans and raised relief, along with a silver full meridian. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide hands-on experience and enhance student understanding of complex scientific concepts about our solar system as they re-create the solar system!  Packed with engaging activities, interactive materials, and detailed lesson plans, this kit is a valuable resource for teachers that want to create an immersive learning experience.  With a focus on inquiry-based learning and critical thinking, this kit will help educators inspire curiosity and encourage active participation in the classroom. Elevate your science curriculum and empower your students with the Teacher Deluxe Kit, Level 2.


Included in the Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 2:


  • Globe Earth, Political, Raised Relief, Blue Oceans, 12” diameter w/ Silver Full Meridian and Base Magnetic Solar System
  • Solar System, Magnetic Giant

Teacher Deluxe Kit Level 2

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