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Solar System - Giant, Magnetic

Bring the wonders of the solar system to life with our Giant Magnetic Solar System set. These full-color, realistically detailed magnets will capture students' attention as you model space science concepts. Each set includes 8 planets, Pluto (dwarf planet), the Sun, Earth's moon, and the asteroid belt, as well as an Activity Guide for educators. The largest magnet, the Sun, measures an impressive 10" in diameter, making a powerful visual aid for teaching about our place in the universe. Perfect for classrooms, homeschool settings, or educational play, this set is a must-have for any science teacher or space enthusiast. Full-color, realistically detailed magnets capture students’ attention as you model space science concepts. Includes 8 planets, Pluto (dwarf planet), Sun, Earth’s moon, and asteroid belt plus Activity Guide. Largest magnet (Sun) measures 10" in diameter.


Solar System - Giant, Magnetic

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